iTi Communications strives to deliver solutions that will drive business results! We offer full-service, turn-key solutions for businesses across all verticals. We will carefully develop a solution to fit your needs; implement that solution step-by-step, without disrupting current business operations; provide clear documentation about your project and any pertinent technical information you will need to continue operations; and offer 24x7 support for any questions or problems you encounter. Our 6 core practices are:

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    -The next stage in the evolution of business technology. We provide both private cloud infrastructure as well as a hybrid and public cloud offering through iTi’s cCloud. Learn more.

  • Collaboration

    -Enhance the productivity of your workforce through an anytime, anywhere communications. Learn more.

  • Borderless networks

    -Break down your users’ barriers to network access. Build a network that enables business transformations and will increase productivity and efficiency between business units. Learn more.

  • Security

    -Adhere to government compliance regulations and safeguard your information against both internal and external network attacks. Learn more.

  • Managed Services

    -Do more with less. Let iTi to address all of your day to day management needs allowing your internal staff to focus on strategic initiatives. Learn more.

  • Connected Communities

    -Forget traditional real estate models. Discover how new technologies can help to generate additional revenues streams, increase profits, and achieve quicker ROI’s while developing a sustainable community and environment through iTi’s Connected Communities offerings. Learn more.