Cloud Infrastructure

In a business environment where technology is critical in every decision, IT flexibility and responsiveness could mean the difference between success and failure. However, many organization delay or even cancel potential business altering decisions because they lack the ability to quickly scale their aging IT infrastructures.

Cloud Computing solves this. It is the next stage in the evolution of business technology: providing the means through which everything from computing and storage infrastructure, applications, business processes, and personal collaboration, can be delivered to your users as a service whenever and wherever they need. Because of this, for most organizations the transformation to delivering technology as a service has become a “when”, as opposed to “if” it’s going to occur. Through iTi’s Cloud Infrastructure practice, we will help make your business’ transformation to the cloud seamless.

Why Cloud?

Actually the better question is “why not cloud?”. Through iTi’s Cloud Infrastructure practice we can help you:

  • Offer IT services more rapidly and at lower total cost
  • Increase your company’s agility and efficiency
  • Provide your company with a cost effective Disaster Recovery plan
  • Transform IT into a profit center
  • Reduce time to market and achieve a competitive advantage
  • Reduce your orgainizations hardware and software requirements
  • Lower total cost of IT

Which cloud option is best for you?

When determining which cloud option is best for you, whether public, private, or hybrid, it is important to measure the time, cost, and risks associated with deploying each option. As a leading provider of cloud services, iTi can help develop a cloud computing strategy tailored specifically to your business. We provide you with the choice to select the components that best fit your needs, allowing you to leverage your previous investments in virtualization while moving your legacy systems to the cloud.

Private Cloud - iTi’s custom private Cloud Infrastructure is optimized for a wide range of applications. Through our partnerships with industry leaders in data-center technology, your cloud infrastructure will be built on best of breed technologies from Cisco Systems, Nimble Storage, EMC, VMware, and Citrix, all supported by iTi’s industry leading engineering team.

Public/Hybrid Cloud - Whether you’re looking to build a test/dev environment, a cost effective Disaster Recovery solution, or a scalable offsite production environment, iTi’s Connected cloud network is the solution for you. Built on Cisco and Nimble Storage SmartStack technology, iTi’s cCloud delivers the most flexible, scalable, and cost conscious way to meet your growing business’ technology needs.

Application Hosting - iTi offers a wide range of application hosting and cloud services. Whether you’re looking for an offsite spam filtering service or you would like to move email services completely out of the datacenter, iTi has a solution to fit your needs.