Borderless Networks

Technology in the business world is in the midst of a radical transformation. Gone are the days when employees worked 8 to 5 strapped to their office chair, clinging to one desktop storing all of their applications and documents that allowed them to be productive. Today, users want to work whenever and wherever they are, regardless of device they are using. It is not uncommon for a single user to have 3, 4, or even 5 devices that they use daily to access business applications. For the business owner this a wonderful thing. It promotes instant collaboration amongst employees that before, may have taken days to organize, thereby, increasing productivity and efficiency between business units. For the IT professional, it can produce a nightmare.

However, at iTi Communications, we believe that the network is becoming an enabler of business transformation and IT organizations have to evolve the way they build and support their networks. Last year’s static infrastructures simply can not keep up the “anytime, anywhere” mantra of today’s new workforce. What these workers demand, is a network without borders.

Delivering networks without borders

A true borderless network has to be agile, scalable, reliable, secure, and simple for IT to maintain and manage. iTi’s experts have decades of experience deploying advanced network infrastructures, flexible enough to meet the demands that “The Internet of Everything” produces, yet simple enough for the typical IT professional to manage.

We specialize in designing and building core voice, video, and data networks utilizing traditional routing and switching infrastructures as well as advanced wireless, security, and management technologies:

  • LAN/WAN: Securely connect networks using devices capable of delivering integrated voice, video and data.
  • Wireless: Give end users complete freedom and flexibility in the way they interact with your networks.
  • Mobility: Extend that freedom beyond their primary location to any part of the connected world./li>
  • WAN Optimization: Significantly reduce remote office costs while increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Advanced Management: Implement a single security and management policy across the entire network infrastructure for both wired and wireless devices.

Break down your users’ barriers to network access, call an iTi borderless network expert today to learn more.